A year long idea challenge

Pitch, Recruit and Brainstorm!

The Idea Challenge 2020 – 2021 kicked off as an online social gathering on Thursday June 4th, as part of the OR2020 virtual conference.

We are now ready to take it one step further by building on the ideas shared during the kick-off session and allowing everyone to contribute new ideas not already shared. Have a look at the brainstorming document and join a team that will work on an existing or new idea, help elaborate on those ideas, and develop a prototype solution to share at the OR2021 conference in Stellenbosch next year.

If you would like to contribute a new idea please try and reach out beforehand to any of the moderators listed under the four themes of the Ideas Challenge (or join their Slack channels) :

1. Access & Discovery: Repositories and different types of content and material

    • Accessibility of repositories and their content
    • Providing access to different types of materials
    • Data/metadata visualization

Moderators: Jenny Sanchez-Davies, Adam Field
Slack: or2020ideaschallenge.slack.com – #access-discovery

2. Inclusivity: supporting researchers and practitioners, no matter where they live and the language they speak

    • Inclusion of marginalized and underrepresented voices
    • Addressing language barriers
    • Tools for researchers and practitioners

Moderators: Richard Bruce Lamptey, Iryna Kuchma
Slack: or2020ideaschallenge.slack.com – #inclusivity

3. Integration: systems, machines, open knowledge resources, people

    • Integration with other open knowledge resources
    • Convergence and integration with other types of systems
    • Interfaces for machines

Moderators: Josh Brown, Michele Mennielli
Slack: or2020ideaschallenge.slack.com – #integration

4. Policies, licensing and copyright management

    • Publisher policies, embargoes and rights retention
    • Licenses and re-use of content
    • Compliance and impact of funder policies (e.g. Plan S) on repositories

Moderators: David Wilcox, Alan Stiles
Slack: or2020ideaschallenge.slack.com – #policies-licensing-copyright