A framework for a terminology management system in the Arab region

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Sherine Eid

Poster description:

This poster proposes a framework for a terminology management system that supports the use of Arabic terminology. It will enable a tiered approach to allow different levels of complexity in subject representation and be compatible in syntax with other controlled vocabularies and different metadata standards. It will enhance library technology infrastructure for Arabic libraries and is implementable in multiple domains including those of libraries, museums, archives, information services and scientific communities.

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About the Presenter:

Sherine Eid is Head of International Library Projects Unit at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt and has twenty years’ experience in the Library and Information Science field. She is a reviewer for international journals and conferences and has contributed in many publications, published by IFLA, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Taylor and Francis. She holds a MBA degree in Global Marketing from Paris ESLSCA Business School.

Open Access and discovery of digital repository in Sudanese universities: Opportunities and challenges

This poster is part of the OR2020 Virtual Poster Session which takes place in the week of June 1-5. We encourage you to ask questions and engage in discussion on this poster by using the comments feature. Authors will respond to comments during this week.


Abdulla, Mohamed Abdulla (PhD); Raheeb Abdul Rahim Jamil (PhD)

Poster description:

The current study aims to investigate the opportunities and challenges facing Sudanese institutional digital repositories in the Sudanese universities. An analysis of digital repositories techniques, including open-source software, metadata, contents, human resources, qualifications, experience and training programs are explored.

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About the Presenter:

Dr. Mohamed is a faculty member at the Deanship of Research at the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. Previously, he was a researcher in the department of Research and Studies at Qatar Foundation for Production and Social Rehabilitation, Assistant Professor of Information and Library Science at Sudan Universities, Collaborate lecturer at Qatar University, Information Specialist, Information Literacy Team Leader and Lead Archivist in Qatar State. Dr. Mohammed has experience in all aspects of the Library & Information sector, 20 years of full-time work experience as a professional in academic libraries and information centers. He received his Ph.D. in Digital Assets Management from Khartoum University in 2009. 

Raheeb Abdul Rahim Jamil (PhD) is based at the Imam Al-Mahdi University.

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