Crafting an OER network in Ghana using IndieWeb building blocks

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Sadik Shahadu, Greg Mcverry 

Poster description:

Many students are unable to finish their first degrees due to the high cost of higher education in Ghana. Many universities in Ghana lacks access to rich online educational materials to provide an alternative learning module for students who can not afford the standard university education.

This poster focuses on how we are using IndieWeb building blocks to help students and educators to create Open Educational resources. Our program provides free personal websites to students and educators to curate and create OERs on their own websites, the community then write or remix these resources to develop collections of community-approved OER.

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About the presenter:

Sadik Shahadu is an inspiring open leader who works to build open educational practices in Ghana. He is the co-founder of Global Open Initiative, a Ghanaian non-profit organization working to promote open data, open access, and the use of open educational resources (OER) across Africa. He is a researcher, a Wikipedian, and a Mozilla Open Leaders X fellow.

4 Replies to “Crafting an OER network in Ghana using IndieWeb building blocks”

  1. Hi Sadik, this sounds like a really interesting and very timely project. I really like the focus on the ethos of open education and the need for lofi solutions. I’d be really interested to know more about the community approval process for the collections of OERs being developed.

  2. Hi, Evelyn,
    Thank you for the comment.
    We started this program by giving free websites to students. They then go out there to curate/assemble existing OERs and the community comes together to approve. Further assessments are also conducted by our team of OER experts. As I mentioned in my presentation, we use indieweb building blocks and have course builders installed on our collective knowledge-base wiki. We haven’t really done much before Covid-19. Our main goal is to train more students to lead projects like this.
    We are still looking for more local volunteers to support us.
    Please let me know if you have further questions.


  3. Hi Campbell,
    Thank you for the comments.
    About the community approval process, we mainly focus on remixing/curating existing OERs for local use. As the students assemble these resources, our team of OER experts comes in to vet and approve. Here is the link to our OER volunteers page
    The program was part of the Mozilla Open Leaders X initiative get guidance from OER foundation.
    As I mentioned in my previous post, we haven’t done much before Covid-19.
    Please let me know if you have further questions.


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