Open Polar: Thematic harvesting of Polar region resources

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Tamer S. Abu-Alam, Obiajulu Odu, Per Pippin Aspaas, Stein Høydalsvik, Leif Longva, Karl Magnus Nilsen

Poster description:

Recent growth in the number of scholarly documents has intensified the need for discovering, sharing, exchanging and reuse of scholarly information across the scientific community. However, our work has shown that there is a 60% findability gap of the polar-related scholarly documents ( This 60% findability gap raises an awareness sign of the need of the scientific community to create a database of the open-access records about the Polar Regions and making this database available to researchers, students and the wider public through one search platform.

Based on the obligations and the motivations of the UiT the Arctic University of Norway and the Norwegian Polar Institute, we are working on a project, Open Polar, which aims to create a searchable, homogeneous and seamless database of the polar-related open-access records and make this database available to the scientific community.

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About the presenter:

Tamer S. Abu-AlamU,  The Arctic University of Norway