The Reproducibility and Reusability Platform

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R. Barbera, R. Bruno, M. Fargetta,  R. Rotondo, A. Anagnostou, S. J. E. Taylor

Poster description:

For Open Science to become a common practice its enabling technologies must demonstrate to be useful and easy to use. Building and executing software on distributed computing infrastructures (DCIs), with input data related to Open Access publications and coming from FAIR repositories, should hence be as easy as surfing the web.

The Reproducibility and Reusability Platform (RRP) precisely addresses this issue. It consists of standard-based components: (i) the FutureGateway Framework for Science Gateways, (ii) the INFN Open Access Repository (OAR), and (iii) the Science Software on Demand (SSOD) service.

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About the presenter:

Riccardo Bruno, born in Catania, got his Computer Science master degree in 1999. He is working at the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) in the context of computing distributed infrastructures (Grid, Cloud and HPC). He also developed the FutureGateway, a software framework to ease the creation of Science Gateways.