Data mining, NLP and Machine Learning at the service of a scalable open repository

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Yann Mahé, Carolina Sanchez, Manuel Guzman

Poster description:

Apart from making research outputs visible and accessible, open repositories nowadays face another major challenge. The large amount of data generated by research institutions and the necessity to control, manage, and well-structure them, remains one of the most important goals to ensure that this data is not only collected but also has a meaningful use.

After the release of the new open source repository Polaris OS in March 2018, MyScienceWork has embedded and developed several Text & Data Mining technologies (TDM) and algorithms to enable the solution to convert raw data into suitable information. Data extraction, automatic topic classification, analytics amongst others, is made possible thanks to these technologies.

The presentation will demonstrate how the integration of Text and Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence into Polaris OS responds to different institutional repository stakeholders’ needs.