The experience of getting a “No Code” open repository

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Yann Mahé, Carolina Sanchez, Manuel Guzman

Poster description:

In March 2018, MyScienceWork released Polaris OS, a new open source solution which seeks to find appropriate solutions for major challenges of open repositories. Before developing the Polaris OS platform, we examined existing open repositories and noticed that all of them required high programming skills to setup and greater expertise for customization.

By choosing to develop a “No Code” solution (Polaris OS), MyScienceWork decided to make open repositories setup and modification easier, with little to no programming skills required. Our poster will present all the benefits of setting up a “No Code” solution for institutional repositories through the example of Polaris OS.

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About the presenter:

Carolina Sanchez holds a Bachelor degree in Law and Political Sciences. She worked as a paralegal within an international law firm before she decided to join ICEX-CECO Business School in Madrid to complete her studies with a MBA in International Management. After graduating, she worked as an International Trade consultant within the Spanish Embassy to Morocco. Following this, she joined a high tech company in Mexico City as a Business Development Manager. She came back to Europe by joining MyScienceWork’s team to bring her international commercial experience in developing business.

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